Poetry gets competitive​

Poetry Out Loud is a program that inspires students to learn about poetry through recitation. In the U.S, Poetry Out Loud has spread to over 10,000 schools in each state (Poetry Out Loud).

Many students have enjoyed this event and have built vital skills from it. Poetry Out Loud helped them build their self-confidence and their public speaking skills.

This year, Woodstock students are excited to participate in its very first Poetry Out Loud for all of Upper Years which starts on Sept. 22 in Parker Hall.

Khushi Agrawal, Class of 2019, said, “Connecting with the poem and the poet is more important than the rubric.” When Agrawal was first introduced to Poetry Out Loud, it didn’t feel important as she was only doing it for the extra credit. However, as time progressed, she began to connect with the poem and didn’t think of Poetry Out Loud as just a way to improve her grade.

According to Ms. Dyson, UY English teacher, Poetry Out Loud is a good way to introduce students to poetry, reading, and to help them master public speaking skills. The English Department introduced this event to “spread the love of poetry,” she said. She recommends people to “choose a poem that [we] connect to on an emotional level for stronger performance.”

Contestants cannot win Poetry Out Loud with ease; they need to convince the judges that they have not just memorized the poem but have connected with it.



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