How well do you know your JSB date?: Swapnil and Swastika

Woodstock is seeing juniors and seniors mingle and plan out their dates for the Junior-Senior Banquet that is coming up, on May 4th, 2019. Sophomores plan a night full of food and dancing for Woodstock’s very own prom.

So in this season of love, The Woodstocker decided to find out how well these couples know each other and to see if they are able to answer questions about their dates.

Swapnil Jhajharia and Swastika Sharma, both from the Class of 2020, are friends planning to go to JSB together. Swapnil asked Swastika to go with him.

Note: This couple is not in a relationship and no answers were previously discussed.


How well does Swapnil know Swastika?


What is Swastika’s brother’s name?

Swapnil-: That’s a very interesting question. I would assume it is Swapnil.

Swastika: Swapnil Sharma

How many instruments can Swastika play?

Swapnil: As she goes through life and learns new things I believe she has the potential to learn to play more instruments, but as of now she only plays three.

Swastika: Three.

What show would Swastika rather binge watch, Brooklyn-Nine Nine or The Originals?

Swapnil: The Originals *smiling smugly*

Swastika: The Originals

What’s Swastika’s favorite place in the whole school?

Swapnil: She’s a very dynamic character.  So I would not pinpoint a place that she finds nice. I’d just say that her perspective of a place that is nice and good, changes from time to time.

Swastika: The porch outside CFI.


How well does Swastika know Swapnil?


What’s Swapnil’s sister’s name?

Swastika: Swastika maybe?

Swapnil: Swastika Jhajharia

What is Swapnil’s biggest pet peeve?

Swastika: People walking slowly.

Swapnil: So, Swapnil is a very accepting person. He sees that there are flaws in other people but he also sees that he himself has flaws. Hence, he does not have pet peeves. (Yes he said that in third person)

What is Swapnil’s character named in Dungeons and Dragons?

Swastika: Wanna Bee…Queen?

Swapnil: Wanna Bee Queen

Who’s most likely to get more answers right?

Swastika: Swapnil

Swapnil: I’d say it’s going to be about the same.

How happy was Swapnil on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the happiest, when Swastika said yes?

Swastika: 5. Oh no, a 7 because I’m great… Ok fine, a 6 actually.

Swapnil: I was on cloud nine. *Kiara in the background: so 9?* No, it is actually an idiom, but okay.


Archi Arunima is the staff reporter of The Woodstocker 

Edited by Nupur Agrawal

Featured image by Archi Arunima

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