She Said, She Said, She Said, She Said: Aditi, Dyumna, Vidisha, and Mishika

What is Aditi’s favorite place in Woodstock?

Mishika: I would say Midlands court.

Vidisha: I would say Dyumna’s room.

Dyumna: The midlands swing.

Aditi: I really like the Midlands court and the swing.

How did Aditi and Dyumna get together?

Vidisha: So Dyumna told her that she liked her, but Aditi didn’t really reply for a while because-

Mishika: Can I add dramatic effects to it? So basically, Dyumna and Aditi knew each other since the start of grade 10 but they didn’t really talk per se. In the second sem of Grade 10, Dyumna stood for prez and won. Aditi had been wanting to stand for prez for a while, so they developed a surface level type of friendship – a “you guide me sort of thing”.

Vidisha: It started off with guidance then it turned into a friendship.

Mishika: Then it turned into a very close friendship – she would stay in the room all day, but it was very platonic. She just felt comfortable around Dyumna and she didn’t know why. Then one day Dyumna told her, “Aditi Gaur I’m scared I might like you.”

Vidisha: Then Aditi did not reply for a while because she said she always felt the tension but she kinda didn’t want to accept it. But then after 2-3 days she told her “I also like you.” She was very scared and they didn’t date for a while.

Dyumna: The first time I actually talked to her was at StuCo dinner. She ordered veg momos if I’m not wrong. The only empty place was next to Aditi so I sat there. Ms. Vimmi sent us to get forks and we stopped by her office to steal candy, then we walked down together. After that she came to me for advice on something, and I thought she was quite like me. I was completely wrong, she’s the opposite, which is good. In 11th grade the first day we came back I gave her my tie and put a note in there. Then we just started talking after that and yeah, it’s been going well so far.

Aditi: The first time I ever saw her was tenth grade first sem at football practice. I was straight then. I started talking to her tenth grade second sem – that time it was very junior-senior. The first time I properly talked to her was StuCo dinner in tenth grade second sem. We sat next to each other and then we walked down. And then over the summer we talked a little bit. Again this entire time it was still very friendly – I was still straight. And then 11th grade first sem, the first day we came back she gave her tie to me. It was the tie she used all of 11th grade and she wanted me to have it. We started talking, then 3-4 weeks later she told me that she might be scared that she likes me.

What is Aditi’s pet peeve?

Mishika: Someone touching her hair, but I feel like that’s changed since Dyumna. I would also say people who don’t have common sense.

Vidisha: When people are slow. Actually, incompetent people – not slow people, incompetent people.

Dyumna: Oh my god, don’t do this to me. In general – if the bed sheet is off.

Aditi: I’d say there’s two. One is I can’t work in a dirty room – I can live in a dirty room, I just can’t work in a dirty room. And then I also cannot deal with repeating things more than thrice, I start getting annoyed.

What is Aditi’s favorite movie?

Mishika: I don’t think she has a favorite but she has a list. She’s mentioned My Name is Khan a few times, and Interstellar.

Vidisha: Dear Zindagi.

Dyumna: Oh god. Please tell me. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – this feels wrong.

Aditi: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite movie. There’s some I really like – Interstellar and My Name is Khan. I’m a very big Bollywood person.

What is Aditi’s love language?

Vidisha: Quality time.

Dyumna: Quality time and physical touch. Not quality time actually- just physical touch. And she quite likes my gifts because I’m very artistic.

Aditi: I’d say quality time and physical touch.

What is Dyumna’s favorite thing about Aditi?

Mishika: I don’t wanna sound cliche but everything.

Dyumna: She’s just compassionate. So Aditi asked me my type and I just kept telling her it’s nice people, but Aditi is the epitome of – not even nice, it supersedes that level. She cares and she wants to make a change in the world. I haven’t seen many people who just want to do good for others and want to make change. She makes me a better human everyday.

Aditi: When my hair is open.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about Aditi?

Vidisha: She looks scary but she’s the least scary person

Dyumna: That all she does at Woodstock isn’t for college. People assume a lot of things but if you get to know Aditi at a deeper level she’s probably one of the coolest people you’ll ever talk to.

Aditi: I would say most things. Aside from the couple of people that know me very well, I would say a lot of people don’t really know me. I’m a very big dancer – actually no, I think enough people know that.

Eliza is a staff reporter.

Edited by Asha.

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