The Woodstocker is a news site created by the after-school journalism team. The goal is to publish recent news and opinions about the school and anything that relates to students. Readers are encouraged to engage with the content of this site by either commenting on specific pieces or submitting feedback through the “contact” link above.

The Spring 2022 team consists of the following students:

Editor-in-chief emeritus

Kyra Malhotra, Class of 2023

Asha Torczon, Class of 2024


Mr. John Robertson, class of 1999 (but not Woodstock), joined Woodstock in 2015. This is his first year working with the Woodstocker. Research and language are his passions, and in his teaching, he hopes that some of his love of language might be infectious. In his free time, he might be found wandering the chakkar with a pack of stray dogs.