Middle Years and Early Years celebrate Field Day


Students, staff, and parents cheer as the young competitors run across the field with enthusiasm and excitement. Whether sitting in the stands or running through the field, most enjoyed this fun, entertaining event.

On November 15, EY-MY (Early Years-Middle Years) Field Day took place in Hanson Field. Most students from ECP till 8th grade was taking part in the event or at least were present for it. The competitions featured both amusing events such as the potato sack race and the lemon and spoon race, and serious races such as the hundred meter dash.

“The funnest race was the sack race,” said Isaly Davis, a second grader who attended the event. She had a great time at the event and looks forward to future field days. “The week before the field day in P.E, I practiced the events with them especially the more technical events like the high jump and shot put from grades ECP to eighth grade.” Part of the preparation for field day, all students from ECP to 8th grade were drilled by Ms. Sarah Kangas in technical sports to get them ready for the big day.

Mr. Nagarwala, one of the chaperones who attended the event thought field day was an important tradition that should be preserved for the benefit of the students. “It was a stress-buster. It was great for the students to be out there on the field and not have to worry about homework, and just run around and have fun.”

Mrs. Nagarwala also commented on field day saying “It was a nice time to just sit and chat because there were no devices.”

Some students, however, felt that field day was an unnecessary, mundane event that was poorly organized. “We could be more organized with field day, and we could replace some of the old equipment we used,” said Jayant Basnyat, a seventh grader who attended the event.

He even said he wouldn’t be “disappointed if this was his last field day.” Meher John, a seventh grader who attended the event also thought there wasn’t enough organization and felt that field day “wasn’t fun anymore.”






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