Asking People Random Questions

Everyday at school, I see people walking by. Whether it be in the corridors, at the cafeteria,  or in the gym. They don’t talk to me, I don’t talk to them. It’s an unspoken rule. However, I sometimes fail to realise that these students are just like me with their opinions, daily routines and thoughts. So I decided to pick a bunch of random people around school, who I don’t usually talk to, and asked them a couple of random questions. This is what happened:

Q1. Whats one talent or skill that you don’t have but wish you had?

Khalid Bhagat, Class of 2018 said, “I wish I could play an instrument or sing.”

Shaurya Bhansali, Class of 2019 said, “I wish I could run well.”

Khushi Agrawal, Class of 2019 said, “I wish I could do the splits”

Dhruv Agarwal, Class of 2018 said, “I wish I could play basketball because I’m so tall.”

Kelzang Dema, Class of 2018 said, “I wish I could run a marathon.”

Q2. If you could have a secret camera in any room of the world, what room would it be?

Bhagat said, “North Korea so I could see how the people live there”

Vatsal Jain, Class of 2018 said, “The Oval Office.”

Bhansali said, “In the Science office, right above Mr. Anderson.”

Agrawal said, “In Mr. Davies’ office.”

Kavya Kataria, Class of 2018 said, “If Illuminati had a headquarters, there.”

Healeam Jung, Class of 2018 said “Phunsok’s room. Just kidding.” She’s not kidding.

Prasiddhi Shrestha, Class of 2018 said, “In Kelly’s (Kelzang) room so I can hear her sleep fart.”

Q3. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Bhagat said, “Teleportation or flying.”

Jain said, “Invisibility.”

Tara Bajpai, Class of 2018 said, “Time travel.”

Bhansali said, “Mind reading.”

Agrawal said, “Shape shifting.”

Tshokey Gyaltshen, Class of 2018 said, “Teleportation, so that I don’t have to walk up to school.”

Abigail Gokavi, Class of 2018 said, “I want to be able to summon a sexy boy whenever i want. If ever i feel sad or bad in class, I could just have them appear.”

Q4. What are a few things you want to have achieved by 70 years?

Bhagat answered, “I want to appear on National Geographic and MTV for the same reason. I also want to jump from the Eiffel Tower, with a parachute of course.”

Jain said, “Can it be unrealistic? A doctorate. I think it’d be cool to be known as “Dr. Vatsal Jain.”

Bajpai said, “I want to have travelled to all the countries by the time I’m 70. I also want to guest star on Opera.”

Q5. Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex?

Jain said, “In India, no.”

Bajpai answered with a lot of sass, ” No, boys are ugly! Look at this school, for example. The girls are so pretty and the guys are like *makes inaudible sound* ”

Jung said, “Yes, because then you don’t have to put on makeup.”

Dema answered, “Yes, all the time. They’re just cool. In fact, I was supposed to be a boy but then my family went to Nepal and prayed. So I became a girl.”

Q6. Do you believe that money can buy happiness?

Bajpai answered again with a lot of sass, “I mean,  if you’re really poor, then you’re not gonna be happy.”

Gokavi said, “Money buys sexy boys and sexy boys equal happiness.”

Dhruv Agarwal, Class of 2018 said, “Yeah because if i have money, then I can buy a Ferrari. If I have a Ferrari, then I’ll be happy.”

Q6. If you could commit one crime without being caught, would it be?

Gyaltshen said, “Rob a bank.”

Gokavi said, “Kill a teacher.” Beware teachers! The chocolates students might offer to bribe you with might have poison in it.

Q7. Whats your most embarrassing moment?

Kataria said, “I once dived into a shower. It didn’t end well.” Only geniuses do this. Do not try this at home.

Gokavi said, “When I farted in front of my entire 6th grade PE class while doing sit ups.” At least we know that she’s healthy and has healthy gut bacteria!

Q8. If you won a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

Gyaltshen said, “A nose job and a lifetime supply of tampons. Just kidding. Don’t put that in there.”

Gokavi said, “College. I could just bribe them and not worry about scholarships, all the sexy guys in the world and a lifetime supply of munch.”

Q9. When and where were you the happiest?

Gyaltshen answered, “When I was in my bed watching Korean drama, with no teacher disturbing me.” Hate it when teachers interrupt our Netflix time in class! Can’t they see we’re busy!

Gokavi said with a sad smile, “When i almost got a boyfriend. Just kidding.”

Dhruv Agarwal said, “Wednesday. September 6. Midlands.” I know, I couldn’t help but say “Awwwwww!”

Q10. Whats your all-time favourite movie?

Kyle Diarmit, Class of 2018 said, “Dear John. I know it’s cheesy but the book is even better.”

Lalchhanhimi Bungsut, Class of 2018 said, “High School Musical.”

Bhansali said, “Hera Pheri.”

Agrawal said, “3 Idiots.”

Q11. Whats the last thing you want to see before you die?

Gokavi said, “Sexy bois. Can you please spell boy like b-o-i?”

Kataria said, “I wanna see the world from the top, like a birds view. I also wanna see the waters inside the Bermuda Triangle.”

Q12. If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world right now, where would it be?

Dema answered, “Greece.”

Shrestha answered, “Iceland.”

Diarmit said, “Anywhere but Woodstock.”

Q13. If you ever own a store, what would you sell?

Dema answered, “Art supplies.”

Diarmit answered, “Candy”

Shrestha said, “Scented candles.”

Q14. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Gokavi said, “Sexy, super hot and absolutely freaking gorgeous.” Self love at its finest!

Shrestha said, “Outspoken, impulsive and obnoxious.”

Q15. Whats your favourite knock-knock joke?

Gyaltshen: “Knock Knock.”

Me:”Who’s there?”


Me:”Boo Who?”

Gyaltshen:”Well you don’t have to cry about it.”

Another one was,

Shrestha:”Knock Knock.”

Me:”Who’s there?”

Shrestha:”Interrupting cow.”

Me:”Interrupting cow w- ” “Moo!” Shrestha said as she, very rudely, interrupted me.


















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