Senior Spotlight: Mehar Bhatia

With less than three months till graduation, stress is high as seniors eagerly anticipate college decisions, all the while trying to make the most of their last days of high school.

However, Mehar Bhatia, Class of 2018, is mostly focused on the latter, as she has already gotten accepted into University of British Columbia’s prestigious business program.

Bhatia said, “It’s always been one of my dream schools.”

Of the work it took to get into UBC, she said, “I did all the required AP’s for the program, and I maintained my grades throughout high school. I also got a lot of help from Mr. Plonka in proofreading all my essays. Also, I tried keeping my approach holistic.”

Back in October 2017, Bhatia, along with two other classmates, Egor Suvorov and Jefferson Wu, organized the last Mussoorie Half Marathon, which had originally been organized by Mr. Steve Luukonen since 2012.

For this feat, Bhatia, Suvorov, and Wu were awarded the estimable addition to the Book of Excellence.

Bhatia said, “We learnt a lot, and it was fun to organize the last of something. It was a fun experience, especially since Egor and Jefferson are some of my closest friends, and running means a lot to me.”

Bhatia is also the captain of the senior girls cross country team.

During the Interschool Cross Country, which took place in Fall 2017, Bhatia secured second place in the senior category, and her team placed second overall.

She said, “This year has been amazing. I was a little disappointed that I placed second, but we were all overjoyed that as a team, we could place in the top three.”

Of her favorite memories of the school, she said, “I’ll miss the Quad a lot, since I’ve spent a majority of my time at Woodstock there. It’s fun thinking about seventh and eighth grade and laughing at myself from back then.”

When asked about the people she’ll miss the most, she said, “I’ll miss our entire class, since I feel so comfortable with pretty much all of them. I’ll also miss some teachers, who have supported and encouraged me a lot, like Ms. Daniel and Ms. Melanie.”

On advice to juniors, she said, “Don’t stress too much about college, because when I stopped stressing, I did so much better. So just try doing everything that you enjoy and you’ll be fine.”

Photo by Aarti Malhotra


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