Professional musicians send sound waves across Parker Hall

Susmit Singh, guitarist of the well known band ‘Indian Ocean,’ and Melanie Hardage, musician and parent of a Woodstock student, performed a spectacular concert at Parker Hall on February 21.

There was a reasonable number of audience who came to witness the event, amounting up to a hundred on a busy Wednesday afternoon.

Hardage had gotten to know Singh through a mutual friend only to realise they shared a similar taste in music and that “they work[ed] well together.”

“We have an interesting mix of eastern western classical fusion type things that  come out of music” said Hardage.

Undoubtedly, Hardage played the piano, while Singh was on the guitar and the melodies flowed like the waves of the ocean.

After a prolonged silence of anticipation, they broke the silence through the song, “Depths of the ocean.”

It was a song about a ginormous mystical ocean creature, who is really friendly and occasionally comes out of the water to solve all the political problems of the world.

This mystical piece had a mystical, fantastical jive to it; at times raging, but usually an exciting, optimistic hype progressed throughout the piece.

However, the musical pieces gradually turned into what sounded like a mix of Western and Indian music, which is something uncommon to the generation of pop music.

Later, they were accompanied by the ‘surprise guest,’ Matthew Tharappel, Woodstock’s very own musical genius, on the the tabla. As usual, there was a great sense of awe followed by a copious amounts of clapping.

Although the duration of the concert was about 2 hours, no one realised the time had passed.



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