Events like Jazz Jam bring classmates together

At Woodstock, people generally just hang out with those they already know and are the most comfortable with. It’s always the same old.  

However, events like Jazz Jam are one of the few times when everyone associates with everyone. Maybe it’s because we’re forced to do so, or maybe it’s because we want to. But, one thing that’s for sure is that these events do bring people together.

No matter who you generally hang out with, and no matter what ‘clique’ you belong to, these events give you a chance to spend time with other peoplepeople you may see everyday in class, and still know nothing about.

You don’t always get to work with your best friend or your roommate, so guess what, you’re stuck! 

It’s due to these events that you have no option but to interact with people you don’t usually talk to, instead of going back to dorms and watching Netflix or using social media.

Your only source of entertainment while working is talking to them, sharing ideas and opinions. You might not see eye-to-eye with the person, but these events give you an opportunity to at least attempt to do so. 

And who knows, you might even make a new friend!

Further, these events also give you the chance to know where you stand as a grade, and if in times of need, you are able to come together to organise a key event of the year. 

For instance, many students and teachers would agree that this year’s Jazz Jam, put together by Class of 2021, was the best one we’ve had in years. I think that was possible only because of effort put in by every single one of the students, together. The only reason why they were able to pull it off was because they worked as a close-knit team.

So, yes! In my opinion, events like these do bring you closer. They bring you closer to your friends, to people you don’t usually mingle with, to your enemies and even to your teachers. it’s an occasion for you to mint relationships you never knew could exist!



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