Over the hills and far away: Ms. Koester

As the academic year comes to an end, several staff members prepare to leave.  Hence, The Woodstocker caught up with some of them to dig into their thoughts and future endeavors.

One such teacher is the friendly and energetic music teacher, Ms. Anna Koester. A Minnesotan who grew up in a family of musicians, Ms. Koester started developing as a musician from a very young age, in fact, she started learning musical instruments, such as Piano, from first grade.

Later on, she went on to learn a wide variety of skills, such as singing, being involved in bands and choirs and school-plays too.  After graduation from school, Ms. Koester decided to pursue a career in music and studied at the St. Olaf College for four years. No wonder, she has successfully taught and directed so many students and staff in many courses, including AP Music Theory, music bands, and staff choirs just to name a few, in the two-and-a-half academic years that she’s been at Woodstock.

As of her experience in India and at school, Ms. Koester said she believes Woodstock has taught her a lot about life, describing her experience in India as “eye-opening.”

However, Ms. Koester said she is also “planning to see where life” takes her, and so, she is departing from Woodstock at the end of the current academic year for her native Minnesota.

“I miss my family, and I’m excited to look for a job closer to them,” she said.

Many agree that the Woodstock experience is definitely very unique which makes it extremely emotional to leave.  Ms. Koester has also become attached to the extraordinary atmosphere at Woodstock and India in general.

“I will miss the relationships I have built with students here at Woodstock, teaching them has helped me grow professionally and musically” described Ms. Koester in a musical tone.

“The close-knit community, weekend activities, and India as a country,” are some of the things Ms. Koester said she will also have to leave behind.

Furthermore, the unique beauty of the mountains of Mussoorie, which are the foothills of the Himalayas, is a major attraction for many Woodstockers and tourists too. They are what makes Woodstock a unique school as they are also a part of outdoor education for both staff and students at school.

Ms. Koester too describes how she will miss the “mountains and the weekend-hiking trips” when she leaves school.

Along with her experiences, Ms. Koester believes she will also take with her some important life-lessons that the community at school has taught her.

“Woodstock has taught me to work hard while enjoying life by hanging out with friends and enjoying nature,” said Ms. Koester.

No matter what, it’s always disheartening for school to have such skilled and enthusiastic teachers depart; however, we wish Ms. Koester the best of luck as she takes the next step in her influential career.                

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