Jazz Jam creates chaos amongst students

IMG_7199 2

As a freshman in 2017, I hurriedly ran to the Media Centre Auditorium before the second bell rang, trying to avoid a tardy from my advisor. My homeroom head announced the agenda of the day: “Jazz Jam Preparation.” Several gasps followed soon. The first thing the class governors announced was that “the whole class will be divided into different groups: Decoration, Food, Designing Menu, Photobooth.”

We were divided already.

“Just a week left until Jazz Jam,” I thought to myself and this was the progress we made, or the lack thereof: The decorations weren’t decided and the ingredients on the menu were not available. Instead of working through this together and collaborating, the students participated in the blame game.

The class governors screamed at each other: “It’s all your fault!” they said. I heard while I rolled my eyes.

Woodstock is known for last-minute preparations and putting up a great show regardless. This calmed me down.

There was a shortage of waiters on the day the event took place. I requested the bartender (no alcohol was served, just mocktails) to serve table 21. Instead of complying, she said, “It’s not my job. Do it yourself. Figure it out.”

What about class unity now? I thought we were in this together.

Team effort is essential in order to make Jazz Jam a successful event. No matter how much teachers tell us to collaborate, some students let their ego get in the way. This stops them from working together. Instead, it gives birth to tensions and arguments.

As I passed the Art room this year, there were only 20 out of the 72 people in Class of 2021 working and planning for Jazz Jam. The rest were in the dining hall on their phones, eating and chilling. I thought they were working towards the same goal, but not everybody was giving their full attention to the event preparation.

Of course, this might not apply to everyone. Some grades are wonderful and do a great job in collaboration and team effort.

In the end, when we overcame all the obstacles and put up a great show, my class seemed united and celebrated the amazing event with an after-party involving a lot of food and dancing; but inside, deep in our hearts, we all knew the tiresome and the frustrating journey we had gone through to make this event happen.

Nobody bothered to talk about it, but we all knew that that division will keep chasing us.

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