Into the Wild: Ms. Singh

Venturing into the literal wild, new staff leave the safety of their monkey-less roads and tackle the great unknown we call Woodstock. The Woodstocker caught up with some of them to chronicle the first chapter of their adventures.

Coming to Mussoorie from the hot city of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Amita Singh, said that “the landscape of the hills and mountains looked very attractive.”

The beauty of the hills, along with the diversity of the school, is one of the main reasons that brought the new math teacher to Woodstock.  

“I heard Woodstock is one of the best schools in a beautiful city,” said Ms. Singh.

Although Ms. Singh expected Woodstock to be more professional, to her astonishment, she found herself becoming part of a huge and helpful family comprising of lots of different people.

She described many members of the community as “welcoming, helpful, [and] open-minded.”   

When asked if she would recommend Woodstock to her family and friends, Ms. Amita replied, Yes, the school would expose them to different cultures and people.”

Other than that, Ms. Singh said that she looks forward to teaching math to grades nine through eleven. She said her goal is to push students beyond the standardized math curriculum.

“I need to be more interactive and push my students to think beyond textbooks,” she said.

Furthermore, Ms. Singh hopes that she can improve her ways of teaching in order to help her students in every way possible.

Photo by Seoyoung Yoon

Edited by Hyenjin Cho

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