He said, She said, He said: Shivaansh, Shyla, and Veer

Shyla and Shivaansh are a couple, and Veer is Shyla’s best friend.

Shivaansh and Veer were asked specific questions related to Shyla, to figure out who knows her better.

Please note: No answers were discussed.

What drink does Shyla usually order from Little Llamas?

Shyla: Green tea frappe

Shivaansh: She used to order Green tea frappe, but now she orders honey ginger lemon tea.

Veer: Green tea frappe, but when she’s with me it is Nimbu Pani.


What is something Shyla just can’t eat?

Shyla: Tomatoes in dal

Shivaansh: She’s nasty she eats everything.

Veer: After the break, she has stopped eating lauki (bottle gourd) because she had so much of it at home.


What job did Shyla want to do when she was a little kid?

Shyla: I wanted to be a barber. Not even a hairdresser, like a literal barber.

Shivaansh: Hand-model

Veer: It was something really annoying. It wasn’t a vet; I think a firefighter or something. I know eco-warrior, but that isn’t the point. It is not a carpenter.


What shampoo does Shyla use?

Shyla: Forest Essentials

Shivaansh: She uses strawberry shampoo. Sunsilk? No. Some organic strawberry shampoo.

Veer: I know Shivaansh knows this. It’s probably L’Oréal or Tresemme. It’s probably something eco-friendly that Lila [her mom] gave her.


What, when, and where was Shyla’s first word?

Shyla: Papa, when I was 9 months old, in Dubai.

Shivaansh: I know this. She was 9 months old. This happened on her dad’s lap.

Veer: It’s probably no or something. At home, before she turned 3.


Name all of Shyla’s pet cats.

Shyla: Black, Jojo, Vista, Muma, and Little Thing.

Shivaansh: Jojo, there’s some Muma cat, Blackie?

Veer: Jojo Scaffolding and Black. Those are the two I remember.


How did Shyla meet Veer? (Shivaansh was asked this)

Shyla: I met him and thought he was a girl. My roommate back then, Ava, introduced me to him.

Shivaansh: He probably went up to her when she first joined.


How did Shyla meet Shivaansh? (Veer was asked this)

Shyla: In Social Studies class. Mr. Prateek asked him to share a textbook with me.

Veer: Math class, Algebra 1. This was in Woodstock, eighth grade, second semester. It was probably in Alter Ridge dining hall or something.


Where is Shyla’s favorite place in school?

Shyla: The bench at the end of the sundial place.

Shivaansh: That place in the corner, beside the sundial.

Veer: She’s always with Shivaansh in that one place. It’s the chessboard area, but you go all the way down— it is past the sundial.


What’s her favorite adventure sport?

Shyla: Rafting

Shivaansh: Ziplining

Veer: Shooting


Who would Shyla rather be with?

Shyla: Literally, Cole Sprouse

Shivaansh: Me, obviously.

Veer: Her cats.


Edited by Dhrubhagat Singh

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