He said, She said: Min and Anjoli


When did you start dating?

Anjoli: July.

Min: July 15, 2018.


Name all of Anjoli’s dogs

Anjoli: Cosmo, Clover and Dali.  

Min: I don’t know.


What’s Anjoli’s favorite animal?

Anjoli: Bear.

Min: Dog.


What is one thing that Anjoli hates?

Anjoli: Cucumbers.

Min: My jokes.


What is one thing Anjoli hates about Min?

Anjoli: He always shows me GIFs instead of talking.  

Min: My jokes, I know that’s bad LOL.


Which one of you is the picky eater?

Anjoli: Me?

Min: I guess me?


What is one thing Anjoli wants more than anything?

Anjoli: Him.

Min: My attention? More time for us to hang out.


What’s his dream job?

Anjoli: Something to do with violins.

Min: Designer.  


What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Anjoli: Just talk.

Min: Talking about games.


What is one thing about Anjoli that annoys Min?

Anjoli: I have too many things to say.

Min: She’s a really shy person.


Who’s more annoying?

Anjoli: Me.

Min: Hmm…Janvi, just kidding. I think me.


Edited by Aarti Malhotra. 


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