Review: ‘More Than A Game’


Source: The Pinsta

Many might think Lebron James’ closest friends are Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Paul; since he has played with or against them competitively and made close relationships along the way. But ‘More than A Game’ will tell you otherwise.

As kids growing up in Akron, Ohio; Lebron James, Sian Cotton, Romeo Travis, Willie McGee, and Dru Joyce III became best friends. Their friendship translated on the court as well. They all had exceptional talents since their young days, but this inspirational documentary mainly focuses on their time at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

Their story in high school years is quite a roller coaster as they are led to fame due to their commendable winning streak. But they suddenly go down in ranks when they lose in the finals of their junior year.

It took some time for them to regain their lost form as their coach departed for a job at the college level. But Dru Joyce II believed in himself and stepped up to relaunch the player’s careers as well as his own. They go on to be high school champions in Lebron’s senior year.

This movie was a mix of what people wanted and it was certainly lacking for deeper implications. The movie provided all the insight into Lebron’s ups and downs during his time at high school. His personal life with his friends and the film featured exciting in-game footage.

These inclusions make Lebron more human and portray what it takes to make it to the highest level. However, what it is lacking is a more deep and hard-hitting message.

A positive message doesn’t necessarily mean it can inspire people. It can for sure entertain but it was expected of the film to glorify Lebron and influence the audience.

Edited by Nalin Mahajan


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