She left…?

It feels weird without her. As if, something is missing. She isn’t around anymore, she left me.

I watched her climb into our car with a huge smile with a lit up face while I was barely keeping it together. What would I do without her? How would I survive without my big sister? Our driver turned on the ignition as she raised her hand to say goodbye. Holding my tears back, I tried to smile. Yet, I couldn’t hold back these terrifying thoughts which occupied my mind, and all I could do was shake my head as tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t want her to leave me behind and go. The car started, and my heart stopped. It began to move out of our driveway when I ran back to my mom.

I was a sobbing mess in my mother’s arms, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was soft and familiar, but I was afraid to take a guess. I was so certain that she left me to go to a better school, to do greater things, and to a new life. Despite my neglection, the hand on my shoulder stayed persistent, determined to shake me out of my thoughts. As I turned to see who’s hand it was, there she stood, my sister. She hugged me so tight that I was sure some bones broke, but I couldn’t care less. My sister was leaving, and nothing could stop me from saying a proper goodbye.

While she was hugging me, I started to regret so much. I regretted telling her that I hated her, I regretted fighting with her for no reason, for wearing her clothes, and getting her into trouble. I regretted all the small things.

I already missed her so much. It felt like a shard of glass pierced through my chest leaving this wound which would not heal till she came back for good.

But things didn’t work like that. She left me, leaving for a new place all across the country where she had fun making friends and learned so much in her new school. But, this could not part us apart. Even though she and I were separated, we grew closer day by day. We talked and we texted, and as time passed by, I started doing things on my own and I loved it. She left me and she was no longer with me but she was right there, with me.

Nupur Agrawal is the Arts and Entertainment editor of The Woodstocker

Edited by Victoria Lee

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