Runners, coaches reflect on cross country success

On your marks, get set…” Clap! The Woodstock Invitational Race commenced as Mr. Dana Crider struck the white clapper and dozens of girls started running down the Chakkar.

The tournament began with the opening of the senior boys and girls race on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 9 a.m. With the wishes and encouragements from the school, the teams proudly returned with a gold medal by Saira Mehra, Class of 2020, and a bronze medal by Faisal Qadir, Class of 2019.

Pema Choetso, a runner from the Tibetan Homes School, said, “this [race] was very good” as “all the schools are getting opportunity to run.” The race included Wynberg Allen School, Tibetan Homes School, St. Georges School, and others.

Ms. Kirsten Pike, girls coach, said that the girls “were faster” than they had been on the Chakkar.

Taking into consideration that the team’s three weekly practices are “low [in] intensity” compared to other schools, Ms. Pike thought that “[Woodstock] should be proud of themselves.”

Mr. Tashi Tsering, Wynberg Allen boys coach, thought his team “performed really well.” Aside from the positions which the runners earned, Mr. Tsering was mostly happy with the way the runners gave their best, “no matter how the race could be.”

Asked about future goals to improve performance, Woodstock and Wynberg Allen representatives both replied unanimously: “more practice.”

Mehra, the fastest runner on the girl’s team said, “More practice on the Chakkar” would bring a better result.

Similarly, Sashwat Kundalia, a Wynberg Allen runner, said, “Practice. Practice is the only thing,” despite the fact that they already run ten kilometers, six days a week.


Photo by Faisal Qadir

Edited by Dhrubhagat Singh

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