He said, She said, He said: Chowang, Knema, and Mr. Jeff

Chowang and Knema are a couple, and Mr. Jeff is Chowang’s basketball coach who has known him since third grade.

Knema and Mr. Jeff were asked specific questions related to Chowang, to figure out who knows him better.

Please note: No answers were discussed.

What is Chowang’s jersey number?

Chowang: Six

Knema: Six

Mr. Jeff: Oh that’s easy! Six.


What food does Chowang hate the most?

Chowang: I eat everything, but South Indian food.

Knema: He eats everything.

Mr. Jeff: Vegetables


What is Chowang’s go-to song when he’s sad?

Chowang: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Knema: Some Ed Sheeran song?

Mr. Jeff: I’m going to say any Bruno Mars song; he likes Bruno Mars.


What day of the week was Chowang born on?

Chowang: Thursday

Knema: Wednesday?

Mr. Jeff: Sunday

Real answer: Friday


How many times has Chowang broken a bone?

Chowang: Once

Knema: Okay, he had some ligament thing once. I am not sure if it was an actual bone or not; his finger was broken once; he had crutches and stuff and one of his legs were gone. I don’t think he’s ever really broken a bone—no, actually, let’s say three times.

Mr. Jeff: None


Who does Chowang look up to most in life?

Chowang: Kyrie Irving

Knema: Me

Mr. Jeff: Me, but my real answer would be His Holiness, then me.


Has Chowang been attacked by a monkey in the past week?

Chowang: No

Knema: No

Mr. Jeff: No


What is Chowang’s one true dream?

Chowang: To win Win Mumby

Knema: Me, okay I don’t know, maybe to become a doctor?

Mr. Jeff: To make it to the National Basketball Association (NBA)


What sport did Chowang like when he was a kid?

Chowang: Football

Knema: Football and basketball

Mr. Jeff: It wasn’t basketball … I am going to say football


Where was Chowang born?

Chowang: Dharamshala

Knema: India

Mr. Jeff: New York


What is Chowang’s favorite holiday destination?

Chowang: New York

Knema: Meee, I’m kidding, the U.S. probably

Mr. Jeff: Not staying at home, it is somewhere in the U.S.


What is Chowang’s plan for this quarter break?

Chowang: Stay back, eat lots of food, and play basketball

Knema: He’s going to practice for Win Mumby

Mr. Jeff: To stay back and practice for Win Mumby


Who would Chowang rather be with?

Chowang: Zendaya

Knema: Meeee

Mr. Jeff: That’s a hard one—actually, Kyrie Irving.



Photo by Priyansha Agarwal

Edited by Dhrubhagat Singh


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