Some musicians and magicians fill up Parker Hall

Top 5 performances

The talent show was full of breathtaking performances that left the audience in awe. This year The Woodstocker reported this showcase of talent and we ranked the top 5 performances.


  1. The Staff Band a.k.a. Middle-aged guys with guitars



  1. The iconically named band, ‘Nameless’

DSCF2143The band electrified the audience with a beloved Coldplay ballad and an emotional dedication to the Class of 2019.


  1. The marvelous man from the Middle-East… ISMAIL ELAINAIN!!

DSCF2113Parker Hall was filled with screams and cheers with Ishmail’s puzzling tricks.


  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Matthew

DSCF2274Matthew Tharappel dazzled the audience as his frisky fingers played the instrument beautifully.


  1. Veer

DSCF2468A charismatic cover of a melancholy song that had audience members screaming “YAAAAS!”


Edited by Rohan Menezes

Photos by Mikko Aoki

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