Who do you look up to?

As youngsters, it is common to find ourselves being fascinated by superheroes and animated character on televisions. As a kid myself, I was awed by a robot cat and its magic pocket in the TV series: Doraemon. Inspired and pulped up by this character, I was determined to make a magic pocket once I grow up old enough, though it never happened.

For those of you who don’t belong to the part of the world that gets inspired by fictional characters, it’s usually been either our parents or teachers who are often looked up to.

Tala Bagh, Class of 2020, belonged to the latter case.

With a smile, Bagh said that she looks up to her brother because he is a “great person” whom she can talk to about her personal problems. Even though her brother still looks after her like a “little child,” Bagh said that “he is really nice.”

Likewise, Ms. Subhashini Timothy, our high school librarian, revealed her respect to her middle school teacher.

When asked who she looks up to, she said that she still looks up to her eighth-grade math teacher, who was an “amazing person.” Back then, Ms. Timothy did not completely understand the power of her teacher to be able to be encouraging. But as she looks back, she says “it is hard to encourage young people.” Adding on to that, she also says that “[her teahcer] was good at it.”

Ms. Timothy also insisted that “Jesus Christ is [her] spiritual model.”

She isn’t the only one who looks up to God. 

Matthew Pete Tharappel, Class of 2019, expressed how the reason he looks up to God is because [God] is all good, loving, and perfect in all the qualities. He mentions Matthew 5:48, which states: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (NIV), he showed his praise towards God’s perfection.

Similarly, Mr. Rajeesh Daniel, Middle Years Program (MYP) Design teacher said, he looks up to God’s words “because it is very practical in life, even though it is 2000 years old.” Pointing out how he feels that he is following the straight, right path, Mr. Daniel too shared his admiration towards “Jesus Christ’s teachings.”

On the flip side, young aspiring actress Eve Raggett, Class of 2024, said that the person who motivates her is Lin Manuel Miranda. Highly excited by the fact that “he wrote the whole script of an entire musical which [Raggett] really loved.” Since a young age, she said that her favorite play, Hamilton, motivated her to become a part of a musical or become an actress once she grows up.

Just like how Raggett looks up to a person outside her social group, Juhyung Park, Class of 2026, said that he looks up to “LEGO technic designers.”

When asked why he looked up to them, he said the way they “manufacture and produce tough and complicated things” is pretty cool.

So, what do all of these role-models mean?

Some look up to God, some to their own family or teachers, some to people in their social circle, and some to people outside their social circle.

The diverse answers of this one question, “Who do you look up to?” show how there are aspects in everybody that we can learn from, no matter who they may be.

Edited by Janvi Poddar 

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