He said, She said, He said: Giju, Minjae, and Sunggon

Giju and Minjae are a couple, and Sunggon is Giju’s best friend.

Minjae and Sunggon were asked specific questions related to Giju, to figure out who knows him better.

Please note: No answers were discussed.

What are Giju’s opinions on being vegetarian? Which vegetarian does he dislike the most?
Giju: Vegetarians are killing more plants than the animals that are being killed. They are harming nature more than us. We need plants for photosynthesis. I dislike Dhrub the most.
Minjae: I don’t think he minds vegetarians, but he minds himself being one. Dhrub is the one veg he hates.
Sunggon: He’s very pessimistic. If he had the opportunity he would kill all of them. He hates Anirudh-style vegetarians and he probably hates Dhrub the most.

What food would Giju want to have for the rest of his life?
Giju: Tangsuyuk ( Chinese style deep fried pork).
Minjae: Tangsuyuk.
Sunggon: Sushi.

What are Giju’s plans for winter break?
Giju: Going to Japan.
Minjae: Getting his shoulder surgery done.
Sunggon: He is going to Japan and will probably chill, eat some nice food and get his shoulder checked and meet Minjae and have a great time with her.

Who is Giju’s role-model?
Giju: Myself.
Minjae: Zzico.
Sunggon: Himself.

Where would Giju be, if not in Woodstock?
Giju: Korea.
Minjae: Gangnam.
Sunggon: U.S.A.

What is that one thing that annoys Giju the most?
Giju: Not closing the door properly.
Minjae: He hates so many things, I can’t name any. He gets annoyed very easily, everything I do gets him annoyed.
Sunggon: When you are in his room and you don’t close the door, and when people aren’t truthful.

How many times has Giju broken a bone?
Giju: Once, because dislocation doesn’t count.
Minjae: He dislocated his shoulder twice.
Sunggon: Once, his toe.

What time does Giju usually wake up on a school day?
Giju: 7:00 a.m
Minjae: 7:00 a.m.
Sunggon: He wakes up frequently, I would say 6:50 a.m. ish. He wakes up at 3 a.m. and then 6:50 a.m.

What would Giju rather do on a Saturday night, if not spending time with Minjae or Sunggon?
Giju: I’ll be gaming.
Minjae: Gaming or drawing.
Sunggon: First of all, he would be watching youtube videos. Then he would be drawing something.

If he had a chance, which celebrity would he want to meet?
Giju: Sunmi and G dragon, I can’t choose.
Minjae: He thinks of himself as a celebrity, so himself.
Sunggon: Sunmi

Who would Giju rather be with?
Giju: Minjae.
Minjae: Me.
Sunggon: Me.


Edited by Nalin Mahajan

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