Friendships blossom on Valentine’s Day

Each year on February 14, many exchange flowers, chocolates, candy and declarations of love. This day, dedicated to love and romance, is named after Saint Valentine and dates back to the late 5th century.

At school, STUCO members did their utmost to facilitate the festival of romance by acting as a middle man to buy roses and bouquets, which they personally delivered.

Couples gave each other gifts and meaningful messages. An 11th grader gave her boyfriend little notes throughout the day. She wrote sweet messages on many chits of paper and had different people deliver them to him throughout the day.

But romance wasn’t the only kind of love celebrated on the day. Friendship and self-love were honored, too, with many people getting roses for their friends and even for themselves.

Veer Arya, Class of 2020, said, “It’s great to see my friends getting roses and gifts from their significant others, but I don’t need a significant other. Two of my friends, the loves of my life, gave me roses.”    

Behind him, his friend exclaimed, laughing, “I bought myself flowers because I believe in self-love.”

There weren’t only flowers distributed across campus but also words of appreciation. On the morning of Valentine’s Day, the Grade 11 class governors attached heart-shaped cards to every Grade 11 student’s locker. The class governors wrote down the names of everyone in their grade and three things they love about them. They cut out heart-shaped cards and hung them on lockers with red ribbon.  

The hallways were buzzing with excitement as couples and crushes exchanged roses and smiles. The celebration of love was a success.

Nupur Agrawal is the Arts and Entertainment editor of The Woodstocker

Edited by Janvi Poddar 

Photo by Knema Gardner 

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