How well do you know your JSB date? Harsh and Priyansha

Woodstock is seeing juniors and seniors mingle and plan out their dates for the Junior-Senior Banquet that is coming up, on May 4th, 2019. Sophomores plan a night full of food and dancing for Woodstock’s very own prom.

So in this season of love, The Woodstocker decided to find out how well these couples know each other and see if they are able to answer simple questions about their dates.

Harsh Shyamdasani and Priyansha Agarwal, both from the Class of 2020, are friends planning on going to JSB together. Harsh asked Priyansha to go with him.

Note: This couple is not really in a relationship, and no answers were previously discussed.


How well does Priyansha know Harsh?


What would Harsh rather quit? Latest politics or talking to girls.

Priyansha: Quit talking to girls.

Harsh: Latest Politics.

What does Harsh love the most about himself?

Priyansha: Every. Single. Thing. “Me before anything else,” he’d say.

Harsh: Attitude towards life.

What is one thing Harsh cannot tolerate?

Priyansha: If he is not aware of something.

Harsh: BTS.

What does Harsh do in his free time?

Priyansha: He likes to gossip the most whenever he can, be it late night talks with the bros or study hall talks with girls.

Harsh: NDTV.

What is Harsh’s every-Sunday Domino’s order?

Priyansha: Garlic bread (I’m sure about this one)! He looks kind of like a choco lava cake guy, and a chicken pizza… Fiesta probably? (cause he’s partying all the time), and two Coke bottles.

Harsh: Veg taco, Chicken Fiesta thin crust, garlic bread.


How well does Harsh know Priyansha?


What does Priyansha do in her free time?

Harsh: Prank calls people.

Priyansha: Make all types of lists, from all my work to who’s going to JSB with whom.

What is one thing Priyansha cannot tolerate?

Harsh: Chocolates. 

Priyansha: The word, peck.

What is Priyansha’s every-Sunday Domino’s order?

Harsh: Veg taco, veg pizza, garlic bread.

Priyansha: Veg pasta, veg tacos, and medium thin crust Farmhouse. 

On a scale of 1-10, how close do you think you two are?

Harsh: 5

Priyansha: 8


Shivansh Garg is the Sports Editor of The Woodstocker.

Edited by Nupur Agrawal.

Photo by Knema Gardner.

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