10 things to do before graduation

As of April 30, 2019, with only 25 days left for the Class of 2019, The Woodstocker decided to create it’s very own Bucket list for the seniors. Being at Woodstock is an amazing experience and it would be regretful if one didn’t enjoy everything it has to offer before moving on.

10. Go on a food tour:

Everyone has been to the larger eateries in Mussoorie, but we frequently forget the smaller must-eat places.

Located before Mudcup at the intersection of roads, Little Hut is a cheaper alternative for Tibetan and American cuisine. Although a little unhygienic, it is well worth the price.

Watch out for Golden’s on the way to main bazaar, the oldest restaurant in Mussoorie with great Indian food.

For deserts, unique options include Omi’s Sweet Shop, Tea Totaller, and Tip Top Tea Shop. 

9. Cycling around Mussoorie:

Photo by Daeyoung Kim
Photo by Daeyoung Kim

Enjoy the scenic views of Mussoorie on a bicycle for the complete experience. Listen to music and ride along the small streets of the hill one last time. 

8. Go to Happy Valley:

Photo by Knema Gardner

Visit an underrated, but beautiful spot. Known for its Tibetan heritage, take pictures and embrace the beauty of the prayer flags.

7. Visit Ruskin Bond:

One of the most well-known children’s authors lives here in Mussorie. Grab the opportunity to meet him on a Saturday in the bookstore near Kalsang’s.

6. Go to Picture Palace and spend a day there:

Mussoorie’s very own arcade center has bumper cars, a haunted house, and 7D experience opportunity, go and have fun!

5. Get a chaperone and plan a one-night hike:

Photo by Daeyoung Kim
Photo by Daeyoung Kim

Short hikes with your friends while reminiscing the past, options include Bear hill, Pari Tiba, Kolti Village, and Sahastraphara.

4. Midnight stroll around the chakar:

Go to the chakar at night, eat at Chaar Dukan and witness the hill in a new light.

3. Gun Hill point via cable car

Experience something new; go sit in a cable car with your friends and enjoy the beautiful view from Gun Hill point.

2. Antique shopping

Photo by Aarti Malhotra

Look out for small but antique stores around Mussoorie. 

Find old treasures from typewriters to small antique accessories. Buy something to remember your Woodstock journey.

1. Bonfire with the Class of 2019

Sit with your class and reminisce. Remember the good times and the bad. Have a night full of laughter and joy.  

Nupur Agrawal is the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Woodstocker

Edited by Hyenjin Cho 

Featured photo by Knema Gardener

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