Superheroes, icons run rampant around campus

If Friendship Day is defined as “an annual celebration of the significance of friendship around the world,” then certainly for Woodstock, this definition does not do justice.

Although the event occurred more than a month after the International Friendship Day, it surely cannot be given any other name.

The community celebrates its own version of the occasion and is better known for building new friendships rather than celebrating old ones. Every Friendship Day, the seniors and freshmen form groups and cosplay.

This year Sept. 4 was the selected date.

Students around the campus were spotted in costumes of The Power Puff Girls, Harry Potter, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and many more.

It might appear as though the outfits were pre-prepared and purchased from costume stores; in reality, the students put a lot of effort into finding “the perfect dress.” In fact, the night before the big day, several senior girls were going around Midlands in search of last-minute accessories and extra apparel.

Arina Amatya, Class of 2020, said, “It took us three hours of going around to find the right fit. There was a lot of hunting down, especially to find the right amount of chains because in our group, everyone had a chain on. We were just asking everyone. It was chaotic and we also had to give parts of our outfits to the little kids. We had to figure their outfits and we weren’t allowed to go to them.”

With the rise of cross-dressing in the high-end fashion industry, students are embracing this trend in the school as well. While some boys were seen walking the ramp in dresses and short skirts, a few girls dressed up in bagging jeans looking like old school rappers and princes in tuxedos.

Here are some pictures highlighting the event.

Senior girls and Freshmen dressed up as Lays chips
Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and Iron Fist
Marvel Characters
Power Puff Girls
Power Puff Girls and K-pop Idols
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Super Mario, Luigi, and the team
Freshmen in their costumes


Photos by Archita Aggarwal.

Archita Aggarwal is the News editor for The Woodstocker

Edited by Jinho Yoon.


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