Life as a freshman

I spent a short amount of time in Middle Years as I joined in 8th grade, but I loved every moment of it. Thus, the transition to Upper Years was filled with mixed emotions. 

The first few weeks of high school went relatively well, however, the classrooms and schedule confused me. Many people told me that once you enter high school, everything, from absences and tardies to grades and behavior determine the next phase of your life. 

For me, the transition from 8th to 9th grade was comparatively flexible because I was comfortable with all the classes I took. However, a part of me was nervous about being graded because everything from here on was going to determine my future.

Even though certain aspects of being a freshman can be nerve-wracking, there were many perks I enjoy. The best part of being an Upper Years student is the freedom that comes along with it.  

To me, what seemed to be the greatest privilege at first is being able to keep your gadgets for longer. Having my gadgets helps me study more efficiently and socialize. I was very excited about having my phone, however, I realized that it can also be a big distraction. I started spending less time with my friends because I was always on my devices. 

Another thing that makes high school seem exciting is having numerous extracurricular options including PASSAGEs and sports to choose from. I was worried that coming into high school would make everything, especially sports, more competitive because the students would be way more experienced. I play basketball and badminton, and even though I was nervous while trying out for one of the teams, I was glad when I made the cut for the inter-badminton team. 

I also appreciate having study halls during school hours which enables me to be productive. During study halls, I try to finish my homework or classwork which helps reduce stress and brings me satisfaction. Something that never fails to amuse me is how everyone whines about workload and grades all the time ⁠— this hardly ever happened in Middle Years. 

In the past few months, I’ve come to realize that ife in Upper Years is going to be a series of ups and downs, and even with the academic pressure, one can still have fun.


Rushita Paladugu is a Staff Reporter

Edited by Navya Sethi, Janvi Poddar, and Nupur Agrawal



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