Swish-a-thon 2020: Predicting for PINK

The sixth Swish-a-thon tournament, scheduled to start on Friday, Feb 21, will be dedicated to raising money for PINK, a foundation that helps and supports women with breast cancer.

The Woodstocker presents its statistical predictions on who will dominate this season, and help raise the most money. Will it be the Win Mumby Tigers or the trolls?


Group A Winner Group B Winner
Finesse vs Watermelon Dunkers Finesse Overtime vs Wiggle-Wiggles Overtime
Finesse vs Not So Fanxy Finesse Overtime vs LesBeHonest Overtime
Finesse vs Error360 Finesse LesBeHonest vs Wiggle-Wiggles Wiggle-Wiggles
Watermelon vs Not So Fanxy Watermelon
Watermelon vs Error360 Error360
Not So Fanxy vs Error360 Error360


Finesse vs Wiggle-Wiggles  

Overtime vs Error360



Finesse vs Overtime 

Finesse for the win.



Group A Winner Group B Winner
BhandariBois vs Jack Boys BhandariBois Baby vs Jae’s creatures Baby
Jack Boys vs NonStop Jack Boys Jae’s creatures vs Bonzu Bonzu
NonStop vs Boom Nonstop Bonzu vs Baby Baby
Boom vs BhandariBois BhandariBois
Jack Boys vs Boom Jack Boys
Bhandari Bois vs NonStop BhandariBois

Group C


Group D


Johnny Sons Returns vs Bhagat Boiz Johnny Sons Returns Handsome Boys vs Brick Layers Handsome boys
Bhagat Boiz vs “NUCLEAR” Bhagat Boiz Brick Layers vs Bouncy Bouncy Brick Layers
“NUCLEAR” vs Johnny Sons Returns Johnny Sons Returns Bouncy Bouncy vs Handsome Boys Handsome Boys



Handsome Boys vs Baby

Johnny Sons Returns vs Bhandari Bois


Baby vs Bhandari Bois

Baby for the win.


Aadya Aryal and Ira Ahuja contributed to this article 

Janvi Poddar is the Editor-in-Chief The Woodstocker


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