Troll teams play a friendly match to make it on court

On Friday, Feb. 14, two teams from the Class of 2021 ‘Bonzu’ and ‘Swish-hub’ engaged in a 4 on 4 Basketball match, which would determine their fate in representing their grade at the Swish-a-thon tournament. 

The results had the entirety of those assembled in surprise, with Bonzu securing the win with a two-point difference. 

The whole dispute began when ‘Baby’, one of the other teams of the grade, submitted their form for Swish-a-thon, late. This meant that they wouldn’t qualify for the tournament, considering only three male teams were allowed per grade and the teams were selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The grade decided that ‘Baby’ had to play as they were the “only fully main team”, Seongchan Jeong, Class of 2021 and a player for ‘Baby’ said. 

As an impartial way to determine who should play, the two teams that were considered “troll teams” competed in a “friendly basketball game,” as described by Suryansh Singh, Class of 2021 and a player for ‘Bonzu’

The first team to win 15 points would be declared the winner and would play the tournament, while the other team would be ‘knocked out,’ Jeong said.

The game started and ‘Swish-hub’ was in the lead with 6-0 on the score board.

“Bonzu was doing horrible,” Singh said, “but then people started picking up the pace.” 

“Victor and Suryansh came in clutch, scoring 3s,” Jigme Dorjee and Bikram Key-Si, Class of 2022 who were also two of the many spectators of the game, said.

“The score began to rise until eventually, they drew at 13-13 when each team just needed “to score a 3 pointer to win the game,” Singh said. 

This, according to many, was the turning point of the game.

Yash Kedia, Class of 2021, fouled on a rebound, and Rohan Mathias, referee, Class of 2020, called it. The ball was handed to Colorado River, Class of 2021, a player for Bonzu. 

“River got the ball, passed it to Victor. Victor shot … BANG! Three! Game!” Dorjee explained enthusiastically. 

However, not everybody shared his enthusiasm. “Sachin obviously lost his mind.” Mathias,, “at first, I called the foul and he was yelling at everybody, ‘What the hell! Such a bad call!’” 

After this, “some people argued a little, I guess”, Singh said, “it wasn’t a fight we were playing basketball and it got heated cause high stakes.”

But, after 15 minutes, everybody seemed to have calmed down. 

The losing team did not make any appeals about the game and let bygones be bygones. This kind of event is a good representation of behavior at the school, especially with everything being handled as fairly as possible, without any involvement of school authorities.

Nehi Malla contributed to this article

Reya Gupta is a staff reporter for The Woodstocker

Edited by Archita Aggarwal

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