Presidential candidates make their pitches

With StuCo elections around the corner, The Woodstocker interviewed the four presidential candidates. This is what we asked. Here is what you need to know.

The female candidates are Aadya Aryal and Jigmet Angmo.

The male candidates are Suryansh Singh and Mukhtar Mohamed.

What is your vision for the school?

Aadya: Building an environment of empathy and acceptance in the school by uplifting each other and celebrating our talents.

Jigmet: Cultivating an inclusive community where we preserve what we already have.

Suryansh: Eliciting greatness by becoming a friendlier and more productive community. 

Mukhtar: Developing our diverse community into one where all cultures are equally respected and recognized.

What are your main goals?

Aadya: Extend peer tutoring help to the upper years and create a school radio program to feature talented students.

Jigmet: Voice student opinions in the teacher selection process and record all the school events in written documentation, working with the Head of Media in a “Tradition Bank”

Suryansh: Restrengthen the Curriculum Advising Committee by raising students’ concerns in meetings and monthly check-ins and renovate unused or unmanaged spaces around the school for group work with easy access to teachers.

Mukhtar: Get more college help for Grade 9 and Grade 10 from college counselors and alumni, and reorganize Mountain Festival with more student input.

What makes you a capable candidate?

Aadya: Grade 9 class governor, member of the senior basketball team, member of various CARE projects, and journalist in The Woodstocker.

Jigmet: Alteridge Dorm President, helped in Open House and Coffee Bar events, Grade 11 class governor, NHS member, Academic Honesty Council member, worked with both boys’ presidential candidates in StuCo roles.

Suryansh: Grade 11 class governor, Grade 11 SAC representative, and Grade 8 class representative, worked with both girls’ presidential candidates.

Mukhtar: Grade 11 class governor, captain of the senior basketball team, member of peer support.

How are you going to tackle StuCo transparency?

Aadya: Organizing a “Town Hall” event where all StuCo members will be available for an informal Q&A.

Jigmet: Developing a website for StuCo with weekly updates and leader profiles.

Suryansh: Sending weekly newsletters about StuCo’s progress.

Mukhtar: Conveying a general idea of what happened in the StuCo meetings through announcements during homeroom.

What are your plans if distance learning continues?

Aadya: Still following my goals and introducing a regular StuCo evaluation feedback system.

Jigmet: Working with all my existing principles, which are organized so that they can be met despite the current situation. I will also be working on student involvement in the Pandemic Task Force at the school.

Suryansh: Getting as many StuCo members to communicate with the education team and the Pandemic Task Force so that communication is a priority.

Mukhtar: Talking to the board members about the situation and improving communication between the administration and StuCo, so that students feel like they are still at the school. 

What struggles did you face while campaigning online?

Aadya: Focusing on academics while feeling the need to be consistent in campaigning.

Jigmet: Interacting with students and being unable to directly discuss their concerns.

Suryansh: Getting true emotional responses and being able to use them to build a more effective campaign.

Mukhtar: Getting my ideas across to the whole student body, because not everyone follows me on social media or will watch my speech.

The pre-recorded speeches are planned to be sent out by email Tuesday evening. The debates will happen on Wednesday at 5:00 PM IST. The voting for the presidential elections will begin on Thursday. May the best candidates win!

Here are the candidates’ Instagram accounts: Aadya, @aadyafor2020; Jigmet, @a.jigmet88; Suryansh, @shibo.mp4; Mukhtar, @mukhtar.30.


Archita Aggarwal contributed to this article

Jinho Yoon is the Managing Editor of The Woodstocker

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