Students get crafty during pandemic #3

The Students Get Crafty During Pandemic series aims to share the various artworks individuals have been working on during these unprecedented times. 

Puttarkasa Sripoongtanakul, Class of 2022, is an expert artist and loves doing art both digitally and in person.

“Nostalgia” is the word Sripoongtanakul uses to describe this artwork. She was commissioned to draw a pantry with the client’s character standing in the middle.

“I got a lot of influence from vintage illustrations, as well as the style of Ghibli backgrounds,” Sripoongtanakul said.

She spent a month on this artwork and wants her viewers to notice the small details. The painting was done digitally with Medibang Paint. She would like her viewers to feel a sense of wonder and excitement with all the things going on in the pantry. 

The word Sripoongtanakul uses to describe this art is “warmth.”

In September, she participated in a drawing challenge called Swordtember where artists are told to draw swords. The theme for this piece specifically was “sword of fire.

“I wanted to get a little creative with the prompt and so I drew a mouse holding a matchstick. For the tiny travelling mice, a match is the greatest sword of fire,” Sripoongtanakul commented.

The drawing was done digitally on an application called Clip Studio Paint.

She wants this piece to evoke a sense of mystery and adventure in her viewers. 

The one word Sripoongtanakul uses to describe this artwork was “fresh.”

The artwork was an entry for an art contest that she participated in with a theme of freshness.

“I was inspired to draw colorful and shiny fruits. I just wanted to draw something that looks fun and satisfying,” she said.

This was done digitally also with Medibang Paint.

Sripoongtanakul wants her viewers to feel refreshed and at peace while looking at this. 

Ira Ahuja is the A&E editor

Edited by Archita Aggarwal

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