Review: Stand By Me

“Our stand can be against someone or with someone.”

As we grow up, our life changes in profound ways. Some of us make new friends, some of us change schools. Some might even go through bigger, deeper changes that have traumatic impacts on our lives. So, how do we move through these changes? “Stand by me” by Theresa Kelly tells us just that. 

In this book, Kelly manages to cover so many different aspects of a teenager’s life. Relationships, friendships, the anxiety that comes with college decisions, and many more. She also explores the spiritual connection found in religion.

The book starts off simple. When Cass faces a rough patch with her boyfriend Logan, she refuses to make up until he does. Unaware that Logan is dealing with family issues, she is angry with him. Cass’s stepsister Tabitha seems to have the perfect life then, until she has a falling out with her boyfriend and her best friend. The boys struggle with their college decisions, the girls try to understand why their faith in God and in each other is being tested.

This book makes you think about how we all can stand by each other to be a supporting and loving member of a community. This book signifies that change can be positive, it can be synonymous with growth. It represents so many struggles students face, especially in their junior and senior years. Most importantly, Theresa teaches us to remember that we don’t stand alone. We stand with the ones we love.

Naavya Jain is a staff reporter.

Edited by Rewa Nyangmi.

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