Community Engagement at Woodstock

Woodstock is well known for its involvement in community service. An interview with Mrs.Mark will teach you all you need to know about Woodstock’s community engagement programmes.

So, what are some of the community engagement projects at woodstock?

Empowering women 

Educating women so that they have a basic grasp of vital issues such as health, money and financial concerns, child care, and demonetization. Students collaborate with one another to discover other forms of revenue, such as mushroom cultivation training.

Self-help group 

Focuses on micro banking by training women on how to save and use loans. Women are currently being taught how to fill out college applications.


A student-led group dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness. They’ve created videos on breast cancer that are tailored to the needs of particular groups and are devoted to educating women about the significance of breast cancer along with encouraging them to get screenings and detection. To further this education on breast cancer, they have also worked with the Landor community hospital and Dehradun colleges.

Not just a piece of cloth

Centered around issues related to women’s hygiene. They started off by distributing sanitary pads to women which was expanded to include manufacturing clothing masks and distributing them to individuals who cannot afford to buy masks. They also educated the Woodstock community on why wearing masks is necessary though making posters and infographics. 

Waste management 

Students are working on improving local water management systems in Woodstock and Mussoorie, doing research, and sharing their results. 

COVID relief

For people who have lost their jobs, INNTI together online set up and connected hospitals which do charity work to donors. During the first lockdown, they raised money and provided ration for people to those without daily wages in Barakaichi and villages near Mussoorie. 

STEM for Girls

Helping other schools improve their amenities, such as restrooms, labs, computers, and libraries by a needs assessment. STEM for Girls promotes girls to pursue STEM topics assisting teachers in their professional development. 

How are things holding during this time since everything is online? 

“It’s been a real challenge because last year projects were completely voluntary. We need people who are dedicated and committed.”

What are some of the characteristics of a student who wants to participate in community engagement projects?

  • Individuals that are prepared to see beyond themselves
  • Compassionate people want to help someone or a group of people.
  • Committed to take a project forward

I hope this article has allowed for you, the reader, to see a community engagement group or project that piqued your interest and take part in that initiative in the semesters to come.

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Rushita is a staff reporter

Edited by Rewa

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