Spirit Week 2022

In the spirit of upholding Woodstock’s annual traditions, The NHS organized Spirit Week last week. Students got to dress in a common theme to show school spirit and represent the unity within the student body. Of course, all Woodstock students tend to dress fashionably smart on a regular basis but this year, some students really delivered some iconic looks. The Woodstocker has compiled some of the best looks of the week.

Day 1- Office Day

Blazers were all the rage but each blazer was styled rather distinctly with some coming off as semi-formal while some gave Zendaya on the red carpet. 

Devyani Rathore of Grade 10 was really channeling her inner Donald Trump.

Day 2- Twin Day

Paramraj Solanki and Palden Lama of grade 11 tried and failed miserably to scare monkeys in their trademark Woodstock guard outfits.

Day 3- Pajama Day

Special Mention to the UY English teachers Mrs Nicole and Mr Farnham for really nailing the theme even though we don’t have pictures.

Day 4- Celebrity Day

Preksha embodied both Regina and Gretchen.

Rhea really went the extra mile by spending two hours making fake guns for James Bond and the Bond girls.

Day 5- Friendship Day

Vidhi Agarwal is a staff reporter.

Edited by Kyra.

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