Class of ’81 Return to Campus

“Coming back to the place where we spent some exciting yet crucial years of our lives brings back memories that our hearts will cherish forever”

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to enter the grounds where I graduated after maybe 20-30 years. will I have memories that I will cherish forever? Will I have the time of my life? Will I have so many emotions flooding back to me when I re-enter these grounds? All these thoughts always keep me wondering. I wonder how my class will be when we have a reunion in the future? Will we ever get a chance to reconnect? I don’t know about my reunion and how coming back to this place will make me feel but here is what the class of ‘81 felt when they revisited their school on the 6th of September.

The class of ‘81 had a special chance to come back to the same grounds where they once created so many memories and catch up with their very dear friends. They not only left the school after reliving their precious moments but also gave us a sneak peek into their memories of their time here back in 1981 and some tips for a successful time in this school. Our alumni remember Woodstock as a place that taught students to be open-minded and inclusive. A place where it doesn’t matter what background we come from, where we must welcome all with open arms. How we might look different from each other but have so much in common. How our diversity shouldn’t be breaking us apart but should be uniting us. Not only that, but for them, Woodstock has always been a place of growth and nurturing. How people here are provided with a safe space to open up and show their true selves. 

For them, this will always be a place where people can jump as high as they want because they know there is a safety net for them if they fall. In their memories, this place helped them identify their true passion and helped them express themselves without any judgements. This school helped them develop and do well, not only in terms of academics but socially and physically as well. Our alumni recall that Woodstock never felt like a boarding school for them, it felt more like home. Our alumni are not only some of the most successful people but also people with friends and memories that they will never forget. 

For instance, when one of the alumni got remarried in 2012 all her Woodstock buddies came from all over the world to celebrate this special moment with her. “It was really heartwarming to see how even after all these years they still got my back and came to my wedding even if it was my second one.” How one of them remembers how their roommates stayed up with them all night to take care of them when they weren’t feeling well.” Times like these help you realize that these people aren’t just your friends, they are your family too”. They also remember the silly little fights that would take place every day on who would shower first as there were only 30 minutes of hot water available. “I remember how the boys would wrestle each other so we could use the shower”. One of the Alumni also recalls how they could cope with their parents’ bad divorce because of the wonderful atmosphere Woodstock provided them. 

They still remember the thrill that they got back in the 80s when they were first elected for dorm council, the excitement that was flooding when they used to win the little games and competitions. But above all, they still remember the friendship that has still got their backs after all these years. Even after all these years they still never run out of stories to tell from their time at Woodstock. Even after all these years they still love each other like they used to in the 80s, maybe even more? Even after all these years, they would still never miss a chance to catch up with each other on the same grounds. Even after all these years Woodstock still has a golden place in their hearts. 

Lastly, they leave all of us with only one piece of advice: Woodstock is a place to grow and develop. It’s a chance to reinvent and rediscover yourself. It’s a chance to make friendships that will last for a lifetime. It is a place to become the best version of yourself. So these years that you have stolen, use them wisely and make the most out of them. Join clubs and activities that you have never done before. Just put yourself out there and don’t shy away from any new opportunities. Talk to people and just push yourself out of your comfort zone and you will truly have the best years of your life.

Pranjal is a staff reporter.

Edited by Eliza

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