Meet the Team: Senior Girls Football

Almost everyone is familiar with the school’s knight in shining armours, a.k.a, the football team. They have been the face of Woodstock’s sportsmanship across many schools, making the school proud numerous times. Let’s get to know a bit more about them…

What aspects of football do you get most excited about?

Ella: KFC after a  match and clearing the ball into someone’s face.

Lucy: Friendly football rivalry.

Jasleen: Annoying Mr Britton and bodying the player.

What’s the best football game that you have played till now? And against whom?

Jasleen: Kodi Finals, against Kodi themselves !

What’s the schedule looking like these days?

Dyumna: We have practices on day 2 and day 5. Although the season is over, next to next semester we’ll have more matches and we’re trying to have more friendly matches in dorms.

Who’s your favorite football player?

Everyone (collectively): Dyumna!

If you could change one thing about the way football is played, what would it be?

Ella: It should be legal to tackle the players, no offsides.

Dyumna: Jerseys should be mandatory.

Mishika: I would like to bite people.

What do you guys do when the practices are flexible and when the mood is light-hearted?

Jasleen: Scrimmage, shooting, and playing defense vs offense, 

There is a game tomorrow, but you are feeling sick. Would you play anyway?

Everyone: Yes, sickness doesn’t affect us

Is football your favorite sport? 

Everyone: Obviously!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your coaches?

Lilianna: One kick is all it takes!

Featured in the image, from Top To Bottom: Mr. Scott Britton, Watoy Lucy Tripura, Krishna Pilani, Jasleen Kathuria, Liliana Britton, Sharyne Serbastian, Norzin Wangmo, Aahana Prasai, Mishika Chauhan, Devyani Rathore, Dyumna Madan, Kargyen Wangchuk, Eleanore Farnham, Diya Bubber

Players not in the photo: Ashlesha Shrestha, Diya Chandan, Surveen Kaur, Rinzing Khampa, Pranavi Gupta, Sakurako Mishima

Preksha is a staff reporter.

Edited by Kyra.

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