He Said, She Said, She Said: Arjun, Sumaira, and Dyumna

Arjun and Sumaira are a couple at Woodstock and have been dating for 2 months. Dyumna is Arjun’s best friend. Sumaira and Dyumna were each asked specific questions about Arjun in order to see who knew him best.

What is Arjun’s favourite food?

Dyumna: Lasagna, but it’s also cutlet pav for comfort. 

Sumaira: I know his favourite cuisine. It’s Italian. I don’t know, pasta?? He’s never told me this. Wait, wait – lasagna. I did know this. 

Arjun: Lasagna. Dyumna knows this. 

What is something Arjun loves doing in his free time?

Dyumna: I think all of Woodstock knows this! But cycling, annoying me and he quite likes physics, too.

Sumaira: He loves 3D printing, cycling, football and boogie boarding. 

Arjun: Spending time with my friends. Probably cycling or playing football. 

What is Arjun’s favourite book?

Dyumna: I think the Bible. He keeps a copy of it under his pillow. 

Sumaira: HE READS????? I think I’m never going to get this, he’s never told me this. 

Arjun: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

What colour does Arjun wear the most? 

Dyumna: I know his favourite colour is teal but I don’t think he wears any specific colour. Like he could be wearing a blue t-shirt one day and green the next. First semester of school he got these 5 shirts and he just wore them on repeat. He’s not a very big fashion boy so I really don’t know why Sumaira is still with him, given she loves fashion. 

Sumaira: Black or white.

Arjun: Probably black. 

What is Arjun’s favourite place in school ?

Dyumna: He likes the design lab a lot. 

Sumaira: The design lab. Everybody knows this answer, he’s so generic.

Arjun: The design lab.

If he were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the three things he’d bring with him?

Dyumna: His cycle, a football and his favourite water bottle. He has fifteen water bottles, he’s a big water bottle man.

Sumaira: His cycle, Caspar and Dyumna. I’m quite unresourceful so it would be dumb to pick me. Oh and also football. 

Arjun: My bicycle, violin and Sumaira. In that specific order. 

If he were to trade places with someone, who would it be?

Dyumna: I have two answers to this.  One – he will come back as Woodstock’s next principal (you can put this in writing ). I think he might want to switch places with Dr. Cook or he’d want to be an Olympic cyclist. 

Sumaira: Messi, Neymar or probably Einstein I don’t know???

Arjun: No one. I love my life. 

What is one thing Arjun values the most?

Dyumna: His cycle and Sumaira Chopra. 

Sumaira: His space nasa thing or probably his bicycle. 

Arjun: My bicycle. Make sure Sumaira says herself. 

Tanvi is a staff reporter.

Edited by Asha.

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