Chapel changes challenge all to unite

Several changes have occurred since the start of a new academic year. One of them includes the new Chapel system. Shifting from a Christian-focused chapel service, the school has incorporated different cultures and religions but most importantly — different perspectives on ideas.

Mr. Simon Paul, the new school chaplain, held an all-school chapel celebrating the 70th Independence Day of India. The chapel celebrated the major religions of India such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam. Other than the religions, languages spoken by the community such as Hindi, Bengali, Dzongkha, and Tibetan were also celebrated.

In his opinion, Chapel is a “time to reflect in silence and feel challenged,” to reflect on behavior in silence and think about everyone else, as well as explore ways in which we all can live in harmony with nature with selflessness.

One of his main goals this year is to use the students’ talents to be more creative, such as poetry, singing, and playing instruments. According to Mr. Paul, “People have a gift as they are able to give talent, which helps the community learn.”

One of his greatest beliefs which he is trying to spread is that “religious divisions only divide people, different teachings have the view of the same God. People should encourage everyone’s religion.”

The 2017 Cultural Week’s Chapel focused on celebrating India as a secular state and to celebrate all the religions and languages in spoken and practices in India and the school.


Photo by: Faisal Qadir
Photo by Faisal Qadir


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