Changing privileges is such a waste

“Time to keep your gadgets!” It’s a phrase Grade 9, 10, and 11 students hear every night. With increasing homework and decreasing privileges, students are frustrated with the current rules; they are unsure of the reasons that have altered their privileges. Mr. Jeffrey Doerfler, the director of student life, said that when the students had their gadgets at night, they used to get “tempted to chat with others,” instead of using them for homework.

Seniors used to be independent, living in Community Center and Edgehill a couple of years back. But they are now in Hostel and Midlands. The reason for this is that there were too many suspensions when the seniors were living independently. It was a “disaster,”  Mr. Doerfler said. There were more than 20 suspensions, which included incidents of drinking and smoking. It was very hard for dorm parents to maintain discipline.

Another privilege that was taken away from the seniors was the right to order food every day. In the past, seniors were allowed to order frequently during the week but are now restricted to the weekends. Mr. Doerfler said that ordering outside food frequently is “unhealthy” for Woodstock students and it also caused a lot of wastage in the dining hall.

A solution to this would be making the food in the dining hall better. This would definitely cut down a lot of food wastage and would automatically reduce the outside ordering. The school needs to understand that cutting down these privileges will cause the students to misuse their current privileges.

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