Badminton boys put up a fight

On August 18, the senior boys badminton team placed third in their division at the tournament, in a pool of six schools.

“Quite a few kids won their games, but then as a team, we didn’t do too well,” said Mr. Ajay Mark, Head of the Sports Department and badminton team coach.

The winning teams are determined by the highest number of points, which are accommodated from individual team players and added up to a grand total of points.

Many Woodstock players did well in the tournament. The senior boys team, which comprised of Vatsal Jain, Class of 2018, Khush Patel, Class of 2019, Janak Singh, Class of 2019, and Yuvraj Bhatia, Class of 2020, “did outstandingly well,” said Mr. Mark, adding that Khush did exceptionally well.

Patel has been on the badminton team for five years. Ever since he joined Woodstock, he has shown interest in the sport. In the tournament, Patel played against Oak Grove, winning singles 21-13, and doubles 21-18.

Mr. Mark believes students will enhance their skills, provided that more badminton practices are available to students on a daily basis. “We would love to see more space available for these kids to practice more throughout the year,” he said.

Judging from the short amount of time the students have to practice in a week, he is happy with the performance of his players. He believes that Woodstock badminton has a bright future, especially in the junior and sub-junior divisions.

“I think there are more young players who have potential,” he said.


Badminton Boys
Photo by Visakuo Tsurho



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