Girls badminton meets competition


The senior girls team struggled to seize control as they placed third in their division at the recent badminton tournament held in the gym. Many players struggled against Wynberg Allen in particular, Woodstock’s major rival.

“I think Wynberg is the most nerve-wracking opponent,” said Chhani Bungsut, Class of 2018. Wynberg was one of the top teams in the tournament, placing second in the senior, junior, sub junior division, and first in the inter division.

There were many players that played well in this tournament. In fact, Woodstock girls played the best in the senior division. However, there were some inter and junior players that played excellently as well. “Suhana Mehta did exceptionally well, along with Priyansha Agarwal. However, Priyansha and Suhana need more experience and practice,” said Mr. Mark, head of sports.

Chhani Bungsut is one of the top players in the senior division and won against Mussoorie International School, and Waverly School. This is Bungsut’s second year at Woodstock and on the badminton team. She looks forward to future badminton tournaments and is happy with the team’s progression and improvement, saying, “Last year I was one of the better players, but this year I have a lot of competition.”

Suhana Mehta recently joined the badminton team and plays in the inter division. She said the team could have done better. “Because of lack of practice, we didn’t perform too well,”

Mr. Mark, the coach, believes some changes are required in the passage for players to practice and improve. “Increase the time in the passage, have two days for the sub juniors and juniors from 3:45 till 5:30, and the UY teams should have two days of passage.”

Mr. Mark sees potential for the girls badminton team and is excited to watch them play in future tournaments.


Girls await their turn to play for the tournament
Photo by Ryan Bajaj

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