Cliff Climbers cause sale disappointment

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“Why can’t Woodstock inform us earlier? I didn’t even have time to get anything. And now I am the one who suffers.” said Giju Kim, Class of 2020, when him and a few of his friends were discussing about how the activity week will make them buy gear in the school.

The Class of 2020 will have a step up in the difficulty of the hike comparing it to the Grade 9 one. “It can get really challenging” said

Cliff Climbers, a private franchise, which is renowned for importing and supplying mountaineering gear across India. They have been in the business for about two decades and now are a trust-able brand hikers, rock climbers, bikers etc all probably recommend.

But being big and successful also comes with more control over the industry. Thus you can raise the prices. Having already selling imported gear, the prices skyrocket and those prices have already twice landed in the Media Center Auditorium in Woodstock School.

Woodstock is divisive over the usefulness of activity week. But they are certainly agreeing over the fact that the sale for the necessary gear was very overpriced and some items were unnecessary.

Many were shocked looking at one particular item, the jacket costing 30,000 rupees. Samarveer Singh Rathore, Class of 2020, feels “this was an unnecessary step. Nobody would buy this. People would be stupid to buy this.” It was a popular attraction in the sale.

The Grade hike is definitely a hike you should be well prepared for. But the school over thought about what quality the gear should be of. They were looking at the more lucrative side of the deal rather than what is necessary. Many went off to buy their gear outside of school after looking forward to the sale and getting star struck looking at the four digit number for a pair of socks. Shivansh Garg, Class of 2020, said, “I directly went to amazon after I saw the prices.I shouldn’t have waited so long for nothing.”


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