This tradition can be traced back to two thousand years ago—in ancient times halloween was a day where people sat around bonfires and wore costumes on the night of October 31 to scare away ghosts at night. Today, Halloween is all about “dressing up and trick-or-treating” said Summer Kang, class of 2018.


Many even planned their outfit days before, and when Halloween finally arrived, the school was packed with people dressed as their favorite action heroes or their favorite animated characters.“I dressed up as the character Dustin Henderson from one of my favourite tv shows, Stranger Things.” Ameya Singh, Class of 2021,  said. `But for some people it was “just an excuse of wear pyjamas to school.” said Kuhu Singh, class of 2021.

“Halloween is more about the fun of running around trying to find the perfect items for your outfit, having people figure out who you are dressed as during the day and guessing other people’s costumes” said Ameya.


Photo by: @janvipoddar02

Some of the teachers showed their excitement and zeal about the day by dressing up as well! “To me, Halloween is about having fun, and acting all whimsical and it’s like a trip back to childhood” said Mr Hubbard, the art teacher.

The spirit of Halloween was in the air, and “there were so many individuals who were practicing in dressing up” Summer said. For the  many people who’ve grown up celebrating Halloween and weren’t at home to do so with their families this year,  just the custom of dressing up on a school day and trick-or-treating can make them feel at home.


photo courtesy: Idika Kothari

“The best part of the day is seeing the smiles on people’s faces and just having people dressed up as the most random characters around you. I hope that people at Woodstock always show enthusiasm towards Halloween and other festivities like they did this year.”


Photo By @janvipoddar02



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