A poetry night at the CFI

“Let’s cover our scented tampons in hairspray, light them on fire,
and throw them at Maybelline’s headquarters.”- A line from Collapse the Economy recited by students. 

November 2, 2017, dawn declared the beginning of some phenomenal poetry, deserts, and the gathering of a passionate group of people next to the bonfire, at the CFI. From teachers to 10th graders, a substantially diverse group, got together due to a common passion for poetry.

Khushi Agrawal, from grade 11, broke the ice by sharing her original piece called Semicolon. Then it was followed by several other original pieces including Faisal Qadir’s Death (grade 11), Ms. Meredith Dyson’s Ode to a Pressure Cooker, Swapnil’s (grade 10) I AlonePrasiddhi Shreshtha’s (grade 12) Discrimination Now a Trend, and Khaled Bagh’s (grade 12) Untitled. 

As the poetry’s depth increased with the hours bringing chilly winds, the smoldering bonfire kept the words flowing. And the three courses of dessert provided in between sessions.

The three courses of dessert were not too fancy, however, it was enough to make everyone stick around till end. The desserts comprised of different types of baked goods, a piece of brownie, a chocolate-chip cookie, and lemon cake.


There were also a couple of very feministic, body-positive, and radical poems. The poetry duets covered these serious topics with humour exemplified by the use of explicit language. Some of the poems were Collapse the Economy recited by Pragya Mittal (grade 12) and Agrawal, and Princess Peach Speaks recited by Khanna and Mittal.

There were smiles and giggles due to the controversy of the topic, but it came to an end with a big round of applause.



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