How should I fit in?

Vulnerability, defined by Google is “being exposed to the quality of being attacked or harmed, physically or emotionally.”

It could be anything along the lines of being in a position which others could easily exercise their authority upon, or showcase emotions and feelings to be targeted at.

Vulnerabilities are definitely a negative thing.

In a society like ours, everyone struggles to climb the social ladder or even economic per se, to get to the very top; trampling upon whoever’s on the bottom, sometimes even oblivious to who they are. Therefore, it is quite justified to say its a given that vulnerability is a bad thing, it will leave you at the bottom of the ladder.

Some of the main things that put people in vulnerable positions are nonconformity, voicing of opinions, and stating anything that is slightly off-track from the popular opinion, or even just anything.

Therefore, conform, don’t voice opinions, and don’t address controversial topics.

Because it will make you vulnerable. It is necessary to conform as judgment and criticism are definitely the worst things on earth, it is necessary to never speak too loud in case others disagree, it is necessary to never touch upon a subject of controversy.

Once again, this could be blamed on no one but on society, having made everything a competition, people consciously or subconsciously live by the notion to win. And in order to win, it is necessary to know others’ strategies and game plans and target their weaknesses. And accordingly. this gets people more on the defensive as well.

Yes, these are some ways to fit society’s standards and be generally liked by the majority, to climb the social ladder. But I would like to put light on one thing, society’s standards are usually not that high, or even very shallow per se. It has no concern with the depth of a human being, it is more concerned with the depth of the pretentiousness.

The facade of infallibility, optimism, kindness towards everyone is what it is concerned with, or what matters. As everyone, yes, I repeat everyone, is vulnerable from nature, all of us are fallible, but the pretense of infallibility is a requirement in society.

In numerous ways, we are made to deny our identity, our physical and characteristic identities as they all are vulnerable, making us pretend we are something else. And as there is no such thing as a faultless identity, physical and personality aspects, society often creates and re-creates idyllic looks, bodies, and personalities we are all supposed to look up to.

So, it is clearly up to you now, now that I have told you how to be society’s favorite person (like you never knew), it’s your choice what you make of yourself.

2 thoughts on “How should I fit in?

  1. Good writing, as always! You’re answering one of society’s biggest questions. A question most people have struggled with at least one time in their lives. I like how your answer is different from other articles that discuss the very same topic. I really like your answer at the end, it’s quite powerful.


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