Photo exhibition highlights Activity Week

Every fall, in the third week of October, students go on Activity Week, a chance to explore India, resulting in jaw-dropping experiences and amazing sights.   

And, hopefully, they photograph the experiences. The annual Activity Week photo exhibition provides an opportunity to display all the thrills and challenges that students go through on Activity Week. The four categories, Flora and Fauna, People, The Elements of Nature and Non-Competition all receive submissions from teachers and students.

This year, the winning photos are displayed on the ramp leading up to the upper years building and Parker Hall.

 Rajneesh Daniel, winner of the Flora and Fauna category, reflecting on the exhibition, said, “My favorite photo (that he took) was the one of a Gujjar lady milking a buffalo. The sparkling eyes of the lady are what made the photo worth capturing. I realized that the Gujjars were living in adverse situations, with lack of resources, but you can still see the joy in their eyes and in the things they do.” (the Gujjars are a widespread community of pastorals who used to be nomadic but are now slowly settling down.)

Rachel Solomon, the winner of the People’s category, said her favorite photo was “The photo of [a] woman pouring corn to let the wind carry the dust away. Patience, simplicity, and not being materialistic are the elements of this photo that make it so special for me ”

Ritesh Farmer, who works in the Finance Office took photos for the Elements of Nature category on an expedition. He trekked to Everest Base Camp, and at 11,286 ft he captured a photo of the Namche Bazaar in Nepal from the top of a holy mountain.  

“Namche Bazaar is a beautiful and well-developed village, and the main trading center and hub for the Khumbu region, and that is what made this moment so worth capturing,” he said.


Photo by Abdul Ansari

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