Senior Spotlight: Subhajyoti Basu

As the proverbial senior “grind” has toned down, students of the Class of 2018 have initiated their last trimester at school. Subhajyoti Basu, Class of 2018, has been accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Basu, in his time at Woodstock, has participated in numerous school plays; however, the most significant impact he had on Woodstock drama was his adaptation of an American television series, The Get Down, to the stage.

This was not an easy task. Basu said, “We had to talk to the heads of departments and needed permission from a lot of people.” Afterwards, it took three weeks to make it from a television show to a play, and in the end, took three months to complete.

On accomplishing this feat, Basu said, “I didn’t think of doing it for NYU, I was doing it for myself.”

Ever since he started acting at Woodstock, Basu has faced adversity. Most people, he said, think that “Theatre is gay.” However, Basu persisted, telling others to not care about what other people say and just do what they are passionate about.

He said, “Get out of your comfort zone and put the opportunities out for yourself, even though Woodstock makes it hard for someone to do anything new.” He also talked about how one has to find motivation in fields of interest, building their legacies off of that.

When asked about to give advice to his juniors, he said, “Don’t care about what anybody says. If you really like, keep doing it. Play’s don’t start big; they become big at night, or during the week of the show.”

During the final night of the The Get Down, he gave a special thanks to everyone who helped him along the arduous task of putting up this performance (everything was unrecorded). The crowd roared with a standing ovation and the light shone on Basu, highlighting every aspect of him.

“I will cherish this forever,” he said.



Photo taken by Abiral Lamsal, staff reporter


Note from the author: There has been mistakes made by the author of this article in regards to the featured person; all the mistakes are now fixed and the author apologises for offending the featured person in any way.

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