CFI offers diverse new PASSAGEs


In the spring of 2018, the Centre for Imagination (CFI) came up with six new PASSAGE activities ranging from design to law. These new PASSAGE activities have interested many students and has encouraged them to participate.


 “Part of what we do at CFI is [to] try new things and see what works best for Woodstock students.” said Ms Amy Seefeldt, the director of CFI. The student interns, along with Ms. Seefeldt, invited Advocate John Sagan, a merger and acquisitions lawyer from Mayer Brown, Chicago as guest speaker at one of the PASSAGEs called ‘How do Law and Lawyers Shape the World?’. This PASSAGE is about the different components of law and as the title of the PASSAGE states, the role of law in society.

Mr Sagan said, “The most interesting part about being a lawyer and interacting with young adults with the ambition of becoming a lawyer  is that you’re dealing with real time issues and trying to come up with solutions.” He later added, “The key aspect of being a lawyer is just and fair.”

John Sagan

The CFI is also offering a ‘Design an APP’ PASSAGE led by Mr. Matthias Glowatz, a designer who will hopefully be arriving later this month (from?) This PASSAGE gives one the opportunity to collaborate with a MBA students in Dublin, Ireland to design an APP.

Other options offered include a ‘CFI-Science’ PASSAGE led by Mr. Tobias Tillemans (job title) and Saksham Basu, Class of 2019. It is the perfect opportunity to explore one’s interest in the vast field of science.

‘TED ed’ is another CFI PASSAGE, led by student leader Manasvi Khanna, class of 2019, along with Ms. Seefeldt; the PASSAGE focuses on TED talks and global issues. ‘T.R.I.B.E’ is a  PASSAGE that is offered by the CFI, and is led by Mr. Simon Paul, the school Chaplain. T.r.I.B.E provides a safe place to express oneself and their views on topics such as race, gender and the Universe.

Lastly, there will be a ‘CFI-Design’ PASSAGE led by gap-year interns visiting the school starting in a few days.

Sapna Tayal, Class of 2021 is currently a part of the ‘CFI- Design’ PASSAGE. “All these new PASSAGEs seem really interesting. It’s great that the CFI is offering them as it gives students such as myself a glimpse of various professions.”

These six PASSAGEs are just the beginning. Ms Seefeldt, and the CFI interns are trying to come up with more PASSAGEs, that circle around things that Woodstock does not yet offer in vast varieties. Things that they have in mind are a vegetarian cooking PASSAGE, a medical PASSAGE and a potential writing PASSAGE.

“The CFI is always open for new student ideas and initiatives” said Ms. Seefeldt. “The CFI is a place where one can try new things and see what works out best for them. These new PASSAGEs and the future ones are more opportunities for the students to further understand and explore what they are interested in and passionate about.”

Students are really excited about these PASSAGEs and are really enjoying them.“The Design PASSAGE is really interesting and I really enjoy it!” said Saif Ansari, Class of 2021, who was a part of the Design PASSAGE.

“Last year, CFI was not that big of a deal, but I feel that it has really made a difference in the school and provided a learning platform for students who want to try new things. It offers opportunities that are different from our general school curriculum, and that’s what sticks out about CFI,” said Aviva Balani, Class of 2021.   

Janvi Poddar contributed to this article

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