Over the hills and far away: Ms. Annie

As the academic year comes to an end, several staff members prepare to leave. Hence, The Woodstocker caught up with some of them, to dig into their thoughts and future endeavours. 

Why are you leaving?

I came to Woodstock as a student teacher, I was initially going to be here from July to October, but Upper Years needed a new teacher since Mr. Raju left, and eventually Mr. Paulraj left, so it worked out for me to stay a little longer.

Where are you going?

I’m currently looking for jobs in Math teaching jobs in Minnesota, my home.

What has Woodstock taught you?

I had a great experience at Woodstock; it taught me the value of a small community. Everybody is very open, and is willing to share and collaborate. So, I’ve definitely learnt a lot from my peers as teachers, and I have also gotten a lot out of my relationships with students.

Describe your experience at Woodstock in one word?

I would describe Woodstock as a close-knit community.

What will you miss most?

I’ve had a really positive experience. Woodstock was a great school to start at as a teacher, and I’ve learnt so much here. I will miss my students and all my fellow teachers the most.


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