Things to consider before buying any smartphone

Everyone questions on whether choosing the right phone really make a significant difference. Phone brands are spitting out new models every year and with such a large variety to choose from, people really think about which phone they should be. They ask themselves, “Will it be worth it?” The question has various aspects to it. Camera, RAM, Display, Battery life; all factors into what makes a solid, worthy phone.

Being familiar with such terms can come very useful. Many aren’t thinking about what they are buying into especially in the case of phones. The design and display can carry anybody away. It is understandable as it is a good, working lure. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung are pouring lots of money into getting such mesmerizing OLED displays. The most recent examples are the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8.

Here are some important things to keep into consideration while buying a new phone:

CameraThis is a really important factor because this might be the most used feature of any mobile phone. You should never compensate on a good camera especially in today’s generation of posting fancy photos on Instagram or sending streaks from your Snapchat.


Build– This might come as a surprise but many including myself are conscious of the ‘feel’ of our phones. And you should too. The fitting in your hand, how tight it is in your pocket; these might be unnoticed but are important. Build quality also includes the material the phone is made up of. I would recommend metal because they are very durable and do look very premium. Plastic isn’t very reliable with drops and glass-plated is very limited and expensive.

Battery– This is an obvious one. Many in Woodstock constantly chuck their phones out of their pockets every 10 minutes or so. And this requires a good amount of battery power. The recommended battery life for any phone should be 3000+ mah which is found on many phones in today’s market. But don’t jump in when you see such a figure because the operating system’s usage plays a big role.Simple OS’s like Android Oxygen OS take up very less battery due to their layout while IOS takes up a big chunk of the battery just to power the processing of the layout.

Charging also counts as a factor because of its significance in the lives of students. When you wake up 40 minutes before school and your essential phone is on critical battery level, you can always rely on fast charging technologies like Dash Charging by OnePlus which charges your phone in half an hour from minimum to 100.

Storage– This is from personal experience; a 32GB phone cannot satisfy my needs for all my activity on my phone. The music, the photos, the apps; they are all needed. Being limited to these features is very much a possibility and you wouldn’t want that. The recommended storage would be 64-128 GB as going for 256GB can cost you a fortune.

Audio Speakers– Woodstock has a culture of busting loud music in fancy looking speakers whenever possible. But when those Bluetooth JBL’s aren’t around, you can always turn to your phone. Phone speakers these days aren’t half as bad as phone companies at realizing its importance. This might also come into play while watching YouTube or Netflix without earphones.

These eminent features shouldn’t be limited because of the price. Sure, not everyone has the budget required for phones of these traits, but a one-time investment on a flagship killer will pay off very nicely.

Photo by Abiral Lamsal

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