He said, She said: Eye and Han

When did you guys start dating?

Eye: Sept. 3, 2017. At 3 o’clock.

Han: Sept. 3. Last year.

What was your first impression of each other?

Eye: He was really cute. I found him…What’s the word? Charming.

Han: She was cute. A bit weird.

What is Han’s favorite thing about Eye?

Eye: I think it’s me being understanding and forgiving.

Han: Her personality.

What is one thing about Eye that annoys Han?

Eye: I tie my hair all the time.

Han: She ties her hair all the time.

What does Eye do in her free time?

Eye: I’m either on my phone or laptop.

Han: She’s on her laptop.

What’s Eye’s most attractive quality?

Eye: I always care about him.

Han: Her personality.

Who made the first move? And How?

Eye: I did. I saw him in PE, he was wearing orange and the next day we had ESL together and we started talking. More like flirting.

Han: She did. She used to talk to me in ESL when I didn’t even know her.

Who’s funnier?

Eye: Me.

Han: Not me. She is.


Edited by Nalin Mahajan

Picture by Nupur Agrawal

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